The Causes Of Sagging Breasts And Its Remedies

Breast sagging is a nagging but at times an unavoidable process. It mostly happens with age although other causes do accelerate the process. Breast sagging happens when breasts lose their firmness and suppleness. Breasts comprise of fat, milk generating glands and tissues which do not have muscle support. This makes them delicate and in need of extra care to retain their shape.

Some of the causes of sagging breasts include:

1. Pregnancy

2. Hasty weight loss or gain, and large breasts

3. Menopause

4. Strenuous exercises without proper support

5. A poor fitting everyday bra

6. Poor eating habits

There are also other causes like breast cancer, immoderate smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and carbonated drinks, and respiratory ailments. Age-related sagging begins in the late thirties when wrinkles start appearing. This is particularly the case if the individual has been pregnant before.

The belief that breast-feeding causes sagging has nonetheless been disapproved through studies. Aesthetic Surgery Journal of 2008, for instance, disagrees with the theory that breast-feeding is a cause of sagging breasts. However, pregnancy is a cause because of the weight gain during pregnancy. The weight stretches the tendons and makes breasts heavier and fuller. The number of pregnancies further plays a role in worsening the situation. This ptosis is manageable through regulation of the amount of weight gain during pregnancy.

Solutions for Breast Sagging

The solutions for sagging breast or ptosis lie in eliminating the underlying causes for this problem and include:

1. Work-out

Conduct exercises that target the chest especially breast tissue and pectoral muscles to bring back the firmness. Exercises like push-ups toughen tendons surrounding the breasts.

2. Use creams and lotions

There are a number of creams that help to keep breasts firm.

3. Drink enough water

The cells in the breasts have water that needs replenishment from time to time. Drink plenty of water to make these cells lively and look good. Water also helps with wrinkles.

4. Have a proper meal

Eating a balanced diet not only works on the weight but also improves body health, skin appearance and breast firmness.

5. Pomegranate

This is a fruit that helps prevent sagging breasts and aging.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an antioxidant plant that prevent breast sagging among other benefits.

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